Panelpolls is a paid survey and opinion site for families, kids, teens, young adults, parents and adults.  Panel members receive invitations to participate in surveys and earn virtual points redeemable for eGift cards in the form of Reward Links by Tango for sharing their opinion.

Surveys cover a range of fun and interesting topics including new products, services, TV shows, toys/dolls, mobile apps & games, sports, trends and more.  Members earn up to $1.00-$10.00+ per survey.

Members may also receive opportunities to participate in other paid research activities like online communities, in-person & virtual focus groups,  TV show and video testing, app and game testing, and Kids & Families projects.  Members earn up to $50.00-$300.00 depending on the project type.

Eligibility (United States residents only)

Panelpolls is open to individuals who are adults age 18 years or older and adults age 18 years or older who are parents of children ages 0-17.

Panelpolls members must meet certain eligibility criteria and membership may be limited.

Note that parents must give consent for children who are 6-17 years of age and wish to participate. More than one child may be signed up per household.

Panelpolls is COPPA compliant.  Panelpolls is owned and operated by market research and consumer insights firm, Touchstone Research, Inc.