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Los Angeles – Join Our TV Show Development Team: Earn $100+ a month

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This is an awesome opportunity for your 8-11 year old child to join one of our Creative Kids Teams in Los Angeles. Creative Kids have the super exclusive privilege of seeing early stage TV shows long before anyone else and sharing their opinions with our staff! What’s even more awesome is how much they will get paid to be a part of this team, Creative Kids Team members typically earn $100+ a month!

As if this opportunity isn’t already awesome enough, here are some other great benefits of the program:

  • Having tons of fun and making new friends
  • Cultivation of your child’s creativity, teamwork, & interpersonal skills
  • Excellent resume builder
  • Private tours of TV show studios
  • Super fun graduation ceremony

IMPORTANT: Creative Kids are required to attend in-person pizza party sessions in Burbank on a monthly basis.

If you have an 8-11 year old child who’s imaginative, articulate, & comfortable expressing themselves, be sure to use the link to see if they qualify, but first, check out what past Creative Kids have to say about the program!

What do past participants say?

9 year old girl – “I thought it was a very fun experience and I liked seeing new TV shows that might be put out.  I also liked being able to give my feedback on the shows.  I really liked all of the teachers as there were really nice and thoughtful and helpful and it was a whole lot of fun.  I also liked doing the questions at home as it was cool to watch pieces of shows that might one day be turned into an actual show.  And I liked giving my one of a kind feedback where there was no wrong answer, it was just my personal thoughts.  It was also fun making new friends with other kids in the group.”

Parent of a 10 year old boy– “My son absolutely loved participating in the group.  He really enjoyed the experience and I feel like his communication skills greatly improved as a result of his participation.  He seems to think more critically and express himself more understandably.  I would imagine that this developed during his sessions which gave him an opportunity to express himself and caused him to be patient while listening to other people’s opinions. He loved that he could use his imagination to come up with ideas to improve upon already great ideas.  I think his self confidence has gotten so much better since last summer and I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow through this experience.  He loved meeting new people and has developed a few friendships that will probably continue after his sessions are finished.”


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