Los Angeles - VIP Project for Kids 8-11 - Early Stage TV Show Program

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We have a very cool program for creative, articulate kids (ages 8-11) who are comfortable expressing themselves in a group of peers and also to adult facilitators—and most importantly—who would really enjoy checking out early stage TV shows and sharing their ideas and opinions. The kids will be generously paid for their participation (typical monthly: $200.00), learn how to work together with others and be exposed to the exciting entertainment industry. The kids will get together periodically for fun times to tap creative juices and interact and collaborate together. This does not lead to auditions/acting roles.

Click the link below to start the application process. Click the button below or copy/paste the link below into your internet browser to see if your child qualifies

Los Angeles - VIP Project for Kids 8-11 - Early Stage TV Show Program (Pays AVG $200 monthly)

You can also copy/paste the screener link into your Internet Browser or share with your social network using the below survey link: http://touchstoneresearch.3uu.us/uc/FunPaidProject/

Note:   Receive invitations to other opportunities for families and kids to have fun and earn money by signing up for Panelpolls using the link below.

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