NYC Paid TV Show Focus Group for Girls Age 5 $100.00

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Attention New York City (NYC) Panelpolls Parents! Today we have an opportunity for Girls Age 5 to participate in a Paid In-Person TV Show Focus Group in New York City (Manhattan).  The Paid In-Person TV Show Focus Group in New York City (Manhattan) will take place on Monday 6/2.  They will last approximately 60 minutes and pays $100.00 per participant.

If you have a daughter age 5 who you think would be interested in participating or have a friend with a daughter Age 5  you think would be interested in participating, please click the link below to see if your daughter(s) qualify.

Click the button below or copy/paste the link below into your internet browser to see if your daughter qualifies:

New York City – TV Show Focus Group For Girls Age 5 ($100)! 6/2

You can also copy/paste the screener link into your Internet Browser or share with your social network using the below survey link:

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